CODEX Rules of Conduct

1) Harassment – Adversity amongst players is part of the MMO experience. However, you must avoid victimizing or causing extreme discomfort or distress to another player, as determined by Citadel Studios.

2) Explicit Language and Behavior – Lewd behavior, extreme sexual language and/or threatening descriptions or actions will not be tolerated. You may not use overtly offense sexual language, accounts of sexual activity or graphic descriptions that are explicitly sexual in nature.

3) Threats and Bigotry – You may not use any hate speech, racial epitaphs, slurs, or any other gender, sexuality or racially antagonistic language in CODEX. Threatening another player for any reason is strictly forbidden. Threats of violence based on a person’s perceived ethnicity or orientation will also not be tolerated and will escalate the disciplinary action taken against your account.

4) Naming Policy – All user generated names and labels must follow the Naming Policy of Citadel Studios.

5) Instigation – Encouraging others to violate or Rules of Conduct, the Terms of Service, or the “Spirit of the Game” will not be tolerated.

6) Unattended Gameplay – You must be able to respond to a Game Master at all times when one contacts you while in the CODEX service. At no point can you allow any combination of hardware, software, scripts or found objects to completely automate gameplay for any character or pet.

7) Staff Impersonation – Impersonating any Citadel Studios staff member, Customer Support Representative or associate of Citadel Studios is strictly forbidden.

8) Solicitation – Advertising, promoting or soliciting any goods or services other than in-game goods and services for other in-game goods and services is strictly forbidden.

9) Criminal Activity – Using the CODEX service to commit criminal activity on any scale, be it local, state, national or international is strictly forbidden.

10) User Modifications – Changing or modifying any hardware, software, website or social media related to the CODEX service without express permission or authorization by Citadel Studios is strictly forbidden.

11) Pirating and Contraband – Players may not submit or communicate methods of pirating the CODEX service or any other pirated or contraband data, goods or services while using any CODEX service including, but not limited to, the game service and websites. Additionally, players may not link or direct other players to sexually explicit or disruptive websites that could compromise a user’s personal network, hardware or software.

12) Hate Groups – Organizing and/or participating in guilds, clubs or other organizations that are built around hateful doctrines including racism, sexism, and other bigoted or hate-mongering philosophies will not be tolerated. Instances of hate groups in the CODEX service will be disbanded and all active and inactive members will face account termination reviews.

13) General Services – You may not use the CODEX service or the CODEX websites for anything other than their intended purposes, as defined by Citadel Studios.

14) Sharing Personal Information – Account security is the sole responsibility of the Account Holder. At no point may you share or communicate anyone’s personal information, including your own, in the CODEX service or on the CODEX websites. Sharing account details, including account login and password information for yourself or others is not allowed. Citadel Studios cannot be held responsible for shared private information in any way.

15) Account Fraud – All personal account information must be accurate and up to date when registering and maintaining your CODEX account and billing information. As CODEX must be able to communicate with its account holders, you must keep your account email up to date in order to receive any and all important communications from Citadel Studios. Deliberate misinformation or misrepresentation is not allowed.

16) Game Master Directives – Being able to receive and respond to authorized Citadel Studios staff is mandatory. Failure to comply with authorized staff directives and requests will result in disciplinary actions taken against your account. Additionally, any abuse, inappropriate language or any other distress directed to Citadel Studios staff will not be tolerated for any reason.

17) Copyright Infringement – Sharing copyrighted material in the CODEX service or websites will not be tolerated and citadel Studios reserves the right to request ownership of the rights to any questionable content shared. Please understand that copyright infringement is a serious issue and citadel Studios will work with the proper authorities if requested.

18) Hacking – Attempting to “hack”, augment, break into, decipher or interfere with any data that is relayed between clients, servers and the CODEX service is grounds for immediate account termination and will not be tolerated for any reason whatsoever.

19) Exploitation and the Distribution of Exploits – All CODEX account holders are required to report game, service and website bugs as soon as they are discovered. Exploiting bugs, glitches or other anomalies will result in immediate and permanent disciplinary actions against the account(s) and will not be tolerated for any reason, with the exception of the test server. Bugs found on the test server still must be immediately reported. However, due to the nature of the test server, it may be beneficial to determine the extent of the bug or anomaly. Sharing information regarding bugs in the live CODEX service with anyone other than Citadel Studios staff is also grounds for immediate and permanent disciplinary actions on the account(s).

20) Accepting Bugged Items – Knowingly accepting a bugged or glitched item is strictly forbidden. You must report any player attempting to relinquish a bugged item either in-game or out-of-game or your account could also receive immediate and permanent disciplinary actions. Citadel Studios maintains the right to confiscate and/or destroy any ill-gotten gains and bugged items without compensation.

21) Abuse of the Reporting System – Spamming Help Reports, Bug Reports, websites, email services and social media for any reason, including assistance in an important matter, will not be tolerated. Intentional disruption of our services will result in disciplinary actions taken against your account.

22) Unauthorized Services – Playing CODEX or using the CODEX service with any party or service that is not administered or authorized by Citadel Studios is strictly forbidden.