Our Mission

img5“To build a community of passionate players around the next generation of multiplayer sandbox role-playing games.”

Citadel Studios is dedicated to improving the state of the art in online worlds. We want to bring our worlds to life in ways that no one has ever seen. We believe in freedom, choice, impact – and having fun.

Instead of following the well-trodden path of linear, theme-park games, we take our inspiration from free-form, sandbox products: Ultima, EVE Online, Minecraft and more. Citadel Studios is dedicated to taking the promise of the greatest sandbox games and pushing ourselves to the limit.

It’s our mission to unite a team of experienced and talented developers who have been inspired by some of the most beloved sandbox games to create new worlds to define a truly next-generation multiplayer experience.

What You Can Expect From Us


We aren’t just reinventing the past of sandbox gaming – we’re making things no one has seen before. Citadel knows exactly what we need to do to bring worlds to life. Whether it’s new techniques in artificial intelligence, dynamic content generation, or advanced tools for the players themselves, innovation is our trademark.

For Every Player

Our worlds are meant to be worlds. And in worlds we expect variety, complexity, and complications. Why balance just for achievers to punish the explorers? Or for the hardcore versus the socializers? We want to give you the space to make your own rules — without ruining the fun, of course!

Experience and Experiences

This isn’t our first time. Citadel Studios was formed by a group of proven game developers from across the industry. Between us all we have decades of experience working specifically on sandbox role-playing games. All the things we loved, hated, and learned are bundled together in a newly shared vision.

Nostalgia Made New

We want to rekindle the passion you had for the games you put away a long time ago. The excitement of your first journey alone into the dark, the reward of making a deal of a lifetime, all the thrills, fears, joys — the touchstone moments all brought back and invigorated anew.