img5Derek “Supreem” Brinkmann – Founder / CEO

Derek is a 12 year veteran of the game industry and a diehard fan of sandbox games. Derek joined the Ultima Online team in 2006 and became the lead engineer two years later. For the next four years he lead the game development team to success with both the Stygian Abyss and High Seas expansion packs.

img5Derrick Lewis – Project Manager

img5Jeffrey “Miphon” Edwards – Executive Producer

Jeffrey brings a wealth of knowledge to the team from his experience as a community manager on Darkfall and his many years of being an integral part of the Ultima Online player community.

img5Liz Finnegan – Community Manager

Liz has an irrational love of food trucks and a much more rational love of talking to other gamers. She made the leap from game journalism to indie game marketing and community management in 2017, and only works on games that she wants to see succeed as a player.


img5Kade Hafen – Programmer

Kade writes Javascript in his sleep. Luckily, he can write in other languages too, he just has to be awake for those.

img5Isaac Ryou – Programmer

Isaac is an intern programmer, currently studying Computer Science at George Mason University. It is not possible to introduce him without using the words “Programming” and “Video Game.”

img5Brandon Taylor – Game Designer

Long time fan of sandboxes like Ultima Online and Darkfall, Brandon has a passion for the genre and for coding. His only goal is to make the things.

img5James “Grim” Hortenstine – Quality Assurance

James has no coding purpose, but he makes a mean panini.

img5Gregg “Zenroth” Williams – Programmer

Gregg spent years at Intel, where he helped create the next generation of CPU architecture, and went on to found Retromite, where he created and released games across multiple platforms. Working in the private server scene, he developed/led the staff for Angel Island, founded in 2004 by the long time UO veteran Adam Ant of Napa Valley fame.

img5Matt Thomas – Programmer

Matt is a programming intern at Citadel Studios currently earning his degree in Computer Game Design at George Mason University. He’s got a fever, and the only cure is writing more lua.

img5Ben Phelps – Game Designer

Ben has been a software engineer for 15 years and a gamer since birth. He’s excited to apply his knowledge and discipline toward working on Legends of Aria. Also, we promised him there would be cake and punch — that was a lie.

Customer Support

img5Israel “streetshaman” Peak – Customer Support Director

Israel “streetshaman” Peak is obsessed with sneakers and mythology. An oddity of both savagery and sophistication, his tales of helming BioWare-Mythic overnight support for DAoC, WAR and UO are those of legend. A hybrid gamer/bartender, he knows how show good people a good time and how to show bad people the door.

img5Joseph Nicolia – Customer Support

Joseph is a human resident of the planet Earth with over 20 years experience creating things, documenting things, testing things, fixing things and helping other people fix things (and create things, document things, and test things). He also makes paintings and is probably a dog whisperer.

img5Adrian Nolan – Customer Support Representative

Adrian is a lifelong gamer, storyteller, and all around general Renaissance man. You can often find him around the virtual fire sharing tales of his time in Ultima Online as a Counselor and Seer, or regaling us with tales of his adventures in the wilds of many other worlds.

img5Samantha Rupnow – Customer Support


img5Rob Denton

As one of the two founders of Mythic Entertainment, he is responsible for creating one of the greatest online RPGs of all time, Dark Age of Camelot.

img5Eugene Evans

Experienced gaming executive with track record starting companies and building teams to imagine, create, launch and grow innovative digital products & services. Generalist with experience at bootstrap start-ups and large media companies with solid technical grounding.

img5Tim “Draconi” Cotten

Tim is a long-time veteran of the game development industry, getting his first start on the Ultima Online team in 2005. As a long time sandbox advocate and voice for creating dynamic content he was thrilled to lead a series of live events through his tenure and ultimately deliver the Stygian Abyss expansion pack.



Unity is a full suite of game development tools and multiplatform publishing methods – which means we can build solid games with great support across every device we can imagine.


LeaseWeb is a global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider – offering customers on-demand, world-class hosting solutions to boost their business, cut IT costs and help them reach new goals.


Games require high standards on authentic sound design and emotional Soundtracks to fascinate gamers and draw them into the game’s world. That’s why we offer sound design with love for the detail and innovative, emotional soundtracks for: Games of all genres, Game Trailers, Mobile Game Apps

img5Origin PC

ORIGIN PC builds computers with the most custom options, the highest performance, and the best support in the industry.

img5Shipwright Studios

Shipwright aims to provide top-tier contract development services for all of your development needs. We can help you get your ship together.