Kickstarter Referrals

Shards Online

For every new backer you recruit ($20 Sapphire level or higher), we’ll increase your pledge reward amount by $10 and both of you will receive special in-game rewards for being so awesome. In order to participate, you’ll need to be a Sapphire level or higher backer first.

Here’s how it works:

  • When your friend, guildmate, dad, trained monkey, dog with opposable thumbs (or whoever) pledges on Kickstarter, they just have to send an email to with NEW RECRUIT in the subject line. The body should include your email address (the one you used for Kickstarter) and their email address. No email, no deal.
  • You can get as many recruitment bonuses as you can refer. Each will increase your pledge by $10. Pledge increases will take effect when the campaign is successfully funded.
  • You and your recruits will receive 2 exclusive in-game rewards when the game goes live: a custom recruit familiar – DUCKLINGS and a special “Of A Feather” title, exclusive to recruits and recruiters.