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Shards Moddability

Even though its be mentioned, touted, and shouted, I think that a bit of explanation is in order about the Moddability of Shards. First of all, in terms of systems and working, Shards is being designed from the ground up, to allow for easy modding. And when we say modding, we don't mean hey...

Combat In Shards

Since combat is tied in with so much, I am going to limit this as to a brief overview of how combat works in Shards. The shards combat system is a tactical, interactive system in which player skill plays an important role. Skills, attributes, and equipment determine a baseline for your combat performance. This baseline...

Greetings and Salutations

When I asked what I should put in the blog. They said write about some of the system design, where its roots are and how it was conceived. My response was "I thought you wanted a blog? That's a novel!". I'm better at writing documents than blogs. Anyway here goes. ---- Before that, let me say...