Shards Online Pre-Alpha Guide

Remember, Shards Online is in a very early stage of development. This is just a sneak peak of a few of the core features that will be in Shards Online. While we’ve done our best to eliminate game-breaking issues in our pre-alpha version, we expect that you may encounter bugs. The number one rule is “just have fun!” When in doubt, use the stuck button or restart your client.

Basic Game Controls

Run – Hold down right mouse button.

Pick up objects – Single left click to pick up an object. You can auto loot items by right clicking the item inside the container.

Equip objects – Pick up and click on your character in the Character Window or right click on the item inside your backpack.

Use Items – There are many usable items in Shards. Double left click to use any usable item.

Attack – Single left click an NPC to attack it.

Combat Abilities – Combat abilities are based on your weapon, shield and combat stance. Use Q, W, E and R to activate them when they are available. Use TAB to cycle through combat stances.

Cast Spell – Once in combat mode select number 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 and the avatar will charge the chosen spell. Once the spell is charged, the radius is shown. Left click on your target to release the spell.

Name Plates – Hold Spacebar to show. Name plates can be selected and used for targeting during combat.

Resting – Stand still for 15 seconds to put your character into rest mode and quickly regenerate health.

Stuck Button – If your character becomes unable to move, open the settings window and click “Stuck” to be safely respawned.


If you need additional support or to ask questions while you’re in the game, please enter the chatroom below:

About the Preview Servers:

Note: The pre-alpha servers restart every 2 hours for performance reasons. If you miss the in-game message and are booted from the server, wait a few minutes and reconnect. This restart does not wipe your character.

Default map

It’s all about gearing up and developing your skills. You start with some coins so be sure to purchase a few items before venturing out. There are two islands: one protected by guards and one that is not.  Once you go through the teleporters or travel across the bridge you are no longer safe from other adventurers. There is also a pvp mini game on the second island. Talk to a warchief to join his side.

Battle of the Backers

Battle of the Backers is a PVP competition mod for our pre-alpha version of Shards Online. Gather gear and skill up during the first stage, then battle to the last contestant standing.

We expect contestants will form temporary alliances in order to better their chance of survival. In fact, we encourage you to make friends through the bond of mutual slaying.

Be aware of the Sudden Death phase, which transports all contestants to the ruins for the final showdown. Should any contestant attempt to leave this area, their character will begin taking high amounts of damage.

Madness Mod

Random, all random. Spells fizzle. Don’t aggro the fire bears and steer clear of Rudolph. You may also run into some raging hippies who drop a few items unique to this mod!

Lightning Storms – During these storms you will need to dodge the lightning strikes coming from the heavens.
Find the Pink Rabbit – A pink rabbit spawns somewhere on the map. If you kill it you will get a short buff that causes you to double in size!
Rapid Fire Phase – No Cooldowns, No Cast Times!

Bunny Stomping

You stomp bunnies. Lots of gratuitous bunny explosions.

Code of Conduct:

The following content is strictly off-limits in character names and chat:

  • Profanity and personal attacks.
  • Sexually explicit or illegal content.
  • Impersonating a Citadel Studios team member.
  • Hate speech (including slandering or otherwise vilifying a particular race, religion, ethnic group, gender, sexual preference, or sexual identity).