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Citadel Studios is dedicated to building next-generation sandbox games inspired by legends like Ultima, EVE Online, and Minecraft.

We believe in fostering rich communities and giving power to our players in an effort to make our worlds live and breathe. Not only will you be able to change your surroundings, but the very nature of the game changes with you.

Who we are


  • Experienced game developers
  • Programmers, artists, designers
  • Sandbox builders
  • Mad scientists
  • Writers and worldbuilders
  • Dedicated fans
  • Dreamers, but not the only ones!

What we’re doing

img3We’re starting out small with a game we think sandbox role-playing game fans will love to play.

You’ll be able to venture in our world, exploring not just new content, but new ways of interacting with it. All while making friends, rivals, or even keeping to yourself.

Our first project goal is making something as free and fun as possible.

Ideas made real

img4It doesn’t have to all be about us.

We want to build a passionate community that can make real, meaningful contributions to the worlds we create. Without our players, our work means nothing.